Snap Shot Of OOH Advertising In Pakistan

OOH Advertising is one of the most used and one of the oldest Communication medium. Although there other media also, but Outdoor advertisement has not only managed to hold its position but has also improved immensely over the time.

Let’s understand what exactly is “Outdoor Advertising”

OOH advertising formats include:

  • Hoardings
  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Digital Screens
  • Vehicle ads
  • Airport ads

OOH Industry in Pakistan

OOH Industry in Pakistan was at its peak till mid of 2016 and had a  share of 33% in the total advertising spending. It was thought after 2011 digital mediums would overtake the OOH industry but it doesn’t happen because both are two different media which can collaborate to improve the advertising industry.

In 2016 Supreme Court took an Action against the Outdoor Media Holders for their illegal and unauthorized installation; because of which  the regularization and the authorized Outdoor media also got affected badly

On average, the outdoor industry have lost “Billions of RS”, and Karachi suffered that most because of that decision, Karachi shares more than 40 % of the total OOH Spend . SRB, FBR and local government authorities was also earning millions of taxes only from this industry, but government earnings were also get a major hit.

This is not the first time OOH industry get hit by the Authorities similar type of actions were taking in 2006-2007.

OOH industry before 2016 was boosting and that too at rapid pace but after that it has lost a big chunk of their market share.

Let’s have a look of advertising industry overview from 2013-2018

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The OOH spend from 10.5B in 2015 goes down to 8.4B in 2016 is largely because of the supreme court’s decision against ooh in mid of 2016 . And it further goes down to 6.55B in 2017.

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2016 and 2017 were the start of the downfall of OOH industry the industry fall 22% all other advertising industry grow at the same time .

2018 OOH industry was at same level of 2017, and it’s predicted to be further fall in 2019 because of current economic situation in the country.

“Future OF OOH in Pakistan”

Future of OOH is Digital Out Of Home “DOOH”, it will be great success altogether in Pakistan, The current market situations are not as good as should be but future indicators suggest a great opportunity for Out Of Home.

New opportunities are now creating in “DOOH”, Where we connect OOH + Digital + BTL all at one place , Malls , Bus Stations , Railway Stations , Airports and many other Places where we can install digital units to advertise our brand to make it real digital we can integrate those with social platform or with any other platform as per client requirement .

This New Era of digitalization in Outdoor industry is not too far; it is already digitalized internationally and over here, the industry is currently in an experimental phase to digitalized OOH, there is an phenomenal opportunity for the creative people to make best out of it .

In the U.S., the DOOH industry grew to $2.9 billion in 2015, representing 40.8% of the total OOH spending. (Wikipedia)

Not only the digital means but conventional ooh is exploring new opportunities, New Creative 3d, 4d, 5d displays will take over the conventional flex and Vinyl Installation, Holographic technology will also take part in OOH revolution.

OOH is the oldest Advertisement medium and it’s not going anywhere, it will only be growing in the near future.

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